Custom Tea Light Holder Set
Custom Tea Light Holder Set
Custom Tea Light Holder Set

Custom Tea Light Holder Set

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Qty: 1 set of 3 Custom tea light holders 


Want these to be custom made? Message us and we can provide more information. If you want an idea of what to expect with flowers you provide, please feel free to read below. 


Please click this link to get detailed instructions on how to ship us your flowers. If you are local and would like to drop them off instead, please contact us via Facebook, email or text. It is extremely important to read this information throughly. 

We can not guarantee the flower will 100% fit. Since each flower varies in size and shape we will not know for sure if the flower will work until we have it in person. We will absolutely try our best to make sure it looks the best. If for any reason it does not fit or we believe we can not make it work, we will contact you.


Care Instructions: 

Do not place in direct sunlight or near direct heat. All epoxy will yellow over time and placing near heat or direct sunlight can speed up that process. We do add in a colorant to the epoxy to help riling the yellowing. Do not use an abrasive when washing. Use only a gentle cleaner such as windex or dawn dish soap with a soft cloth when cleaning to avoid scratches. Treat your epoxy piece as glass! 


*Disclaimer: Once flowers are in the hands of UPS, FEDEX or USPS, we are not held responsible for them until them are received by us. We highly recommend to include insurance when shipping your flowers to us. Once your order is completed, we will make sure everything is packaged properly and securely as we ship your order back. Please keep in mind, ANY TIME we ship an order, we can not be held responsible for the shipping carriers. We unfortunately have no control over the package once it is out of our hands. For this reason, we always include insurance on the packages we ship out.