How to Prep Your Flowers

     As soon as you are finished with your wedding flowers, make sure to get them in water and in a cool place like a refrigerator or a cool basement or garage. If keeping in the refrigerator make sure you keep it towards the front of the fridge so they don’t freeze. If keeping in the garage make sure it doesn’t dip below freezing, or get very hot in the summer. It is important that they stay as hydrated as possible until you package them up. If possible, give stems a fresh cut before putting in water.  

     If you have a cascading bouquet (flowers in a holder with green floral foam) make sure you rehydrate the foam before putting in the refrigerator. This can be done by gently pushing your flowers aside so you can see the foam and placing them under the faucet on a slow stream. Do this until the foam has been rehydrated. If you have a bouquet in floral foam you will not have to deconstruct your bouquet and can skip to step 4. 


STEP 1: 

If you can, deconstruct your bouquet by taking the ribbon and floral tape off of bouquet. Place flowers as flat as possible. Cut just a small amount off of the ends of your flowers (just a couple centimeters is best) at a diagonal with sharp scissors. (Important: Include ALL of your bouquet. The more flowers we have to work with, the better.) 

STEP 2: 

Wrap a wet paper towel around the stems. 

STEP 3: 

Wrap the wet paper towel in plastic wrap (or plastic bag) and secure with a rubber band. 

    • If your bouquet has Dahlia’s or Sunflowers please wrap them separately as they are much more fragile and decompose faster than other flowers. 

STEP 4: 

Gather a box, bubble wrap*, packing peanuts*, packing tape, ice pack. 

    • *newspaper can be used in replacement 

STEP 5: 

Tape your ice pack down to the bottom of the box. Placing your ice pack in a plastic Ziploc bag and then taping it should make it easier to tape as well as provide extra protection from leaking. Fill up box half way with packing peanuts (or crumpled newspaper). Loosely wrap your bouquet (or deconstructed bouquet) in bubble wrap (or newspaper) and place on top of peanuts, making sure all your flowers and petals are facing upwards towards the top of your bouquet. 

STEP 6: 

Fill rest of box with packing peanuts (or newspaper). Make sure box is filled as much as possible so not much movement can occur, but not too much that you’re crushing the flowers when shutting the box. You want to be able to shake the box and not feel your flowers moving around. 


STEP 7: 

Place “fragile” stickers or stamps around the box. You can also write fragile all over your box as well. Stickers can be found at any office supplies store. We will provide an address via email to send the flowers to the same day the order is made. If for some reason you do not receive this email, please reach out to us and we will provide it.

    • Send us a tracking number and we’ll take care of the rest! 
    • Please keep in mind, we have no control over USPS, FEDEX or UPS. Once it is in their hands, they are responsible until we receive the package. We are not responsible for any potential damage so please make sure you have followed all the steps to ensure the flowers are packaged as best as possible.


A few more tips: 

  • If you have large blooms (especially dainty ones) consider putting plastic cups with the bottoms cut out around them to keep them bruising or bending of the petals 
    • FedEx is the most reliable way to overnight ship your bouquet. USPS does not guarantee your package to come overnight 
  • Please overnight/next day your bouquet as quickly as possible the MONDAY after your wedding if getting married over the weekend. Keep them in a cooler or refrigerator and hydrated until Monday. If flowers do not arrive to us as soon as possible we may not be able to create your piece. (If you ship out your flowers on Saturday or Sunday your flowers may only arrive to us on Tuesday and that means your flowers won’t be in a cooler during that time. Waiting until early Monday morning to ship out is encouraged.) 
    • If you are local and would like to drop them off instead of shipping. Please contact us and we can make arrangements.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us via Facebook messenger, email or text.


Thank you,

G’s Bath & Crafts



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